Scrutinizing an Archival Services: Questions to ask

Posted By on Jul 26, 2016 |

If you decided to have an archival service for all of your important documents–from the oldest one that had been gathering dusts in the back of your cabinet for years to the latest that had been just released recently, it is important to choose the right archival services that could provide you quality services. And by that, it is your job in choosing the right one by asking the right questions. Here are the following questions that could help you in determining whether or not the archival servicing company is to hire or not.

How can I be so sure of the integrity of my data and documents?

Let them prove themselves that every single file that you tend to retrieved from them is identical from the ones that you have archived. They should explain to you about the process in which data undergoes that they had received from you in order to hand you the right file that you are asking for and to detect any future problems if there’s any.

How do you keep my files and documents confidential?

Of course, one of the reasons that you decided to look for archiving services is to prevent unauthorized use of your data, thus it should be confidential. Know what they practices did they regulate in order to keep your files safe and confidential. The archiving servicing company should have a security system that would only allow authorized personnel to access your files and documents. It’s their job to keep your files confidential and safe, after all.


How do I get to know the authenticity of my files?

Once you’ve handed them your documents, would they let you know who had received the data, who had accessed the files that you’ve stored and who had been in charge to archive it and keep it safe from unauthorized personnel? You should know every single step that they do in their operation if you want to secure that your files are in good hands.

Are my files available anytime I would need it?

There are some instances that you would need your documents at most unexpected times so the archival servicing company that you had picked must be available at all times in order to avoid inconvenience. Let them explain on how are they going to keep your data and files available at all times that you would need it.

How would I know who is in charge of my files?

It is important to at least get the name of people who would work in keeping your files safe and secured. And by that, you should be able to know the person who would be in charge of you files and is responsible for safekeeping. Know everything you must know about and grasp all information that you would need.

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