Five Tips To Get Into Oxford

Posted By on Sep 25, 2016 |

Oxford University receives thousands of applications every year. While you were young, you might have already heard many great things about Oxford. Now, it’s your time to be part of this great university. Here are five tips to get into Oxford.

Get all the support you need

You might already be asking yourself how to get into oxford. Getting into Oxford is a big dream for many people like you. Oxford had been an established University that had produced great people like Stephen Hawking. Get all the help you need from your friends, family, and consultants. People around you will encourage you to work harder. Having friends who also want to go to Oxford would be great. You don’t need to work alone.

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Select your course and college

Selecting your course and college will be easier if you alreadyhave something in mind. Choose the course and college that will match your interests. The college you choose should have everything that you need to keep your interest in studying. Some students do not continue after starting a course or college because they find themselves losing interest. Check for the requirements as well to see if you can achieve them to make sure the course is really the right fit for you.

Ace the admission test

Aim to ace the admission test. You will need to study and review a lot of concepts. Passing the admission is not enough toguarantee that you can be accepted. If you ace the admission test, it will increase the odds of you getting accepted. You will need to be ready for your admission test. Make a study plan and schedule mock tests to check how you are doing with the preparation. Don’t burn out yourself, though. You still need to relax after long hours of studying.

Make your application stand out

You need to stand out if you really want to get into Oxford. You will be competing against thousands of applicants around the worlds. Your personal Statement on your application should make you stand out among others. Take your time in making your application. Have someone check your grammar. Ask the opinions of others on how you can improve your application. An advice from an expert will make you feel confident on your application.


Prepare for the interview

Preparing for the interview is the most exciting part. You need to choose the right clothes. Don’t wear clothes for the first time in an interview because they will make you self-conscious and uncomfortable. You can be at ease by trying them out first days before your interview. Your posture should make you look confident, don’t slouch. The most important part is the content of the interview.

Getting into Oxford will really need all of the help you can get from others. Select the course and college of your interest. Passing is not enough, ace the admission test. Make your application stand out and prepare for the interview. These will certainly help you on your way to Oxford.